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“Vegan Communication” and learning from past mistakes

  First off, I’d like to start by saying that vegetarianism, veganism and the like are all great lifestyle choices which do a lot, for causes such as: animal welfare, environmental protection and human health. Decreasing meat and animal-based products... Continue Reading →


Katherine G. Johnson – The Hidden Figure of the Space Race

America’s triumph in the space race has been well documented and repeatedly shared throughout time. We all know that America was the first to put a man on the moon. But we don’t know about some of the key figures... Continue Reading →

Is your Big Mac hurting the planet?

  Over the past decade, veganism and vegetarianism has increased in the UK by over 350%. There’s also been a whole host of new terms coined, such a flexitarianism, pescetarian, ovo-vegetarian, pollotarian. The list goes on and on, getting more... Continue Reading →

ExoMars’ bittersweet crash landing – what happens now in the build up to the 2020 mission?

It was meant to be the European Space Agency’s (ESA) chance to put their name in the history books, with the touchdown of the ExoMars lander on the surface of the red planet last month. Unfortunately, in the last minute... Continue Reading →

Disease biology and the environment – why should we care?

Traditionally, we have categorised biology into distinct areas such as disease, genetics, evolution, ecology. Yet in reality, biology is rarely so black and white, and different biological fields are far from mutually exclusive. In fact it has become increasingly important... Continue Reading →

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